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**Changes to residential and contact information CANNOT be completed through this form**
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For safety reasons, students with Special Needs (IEP Specialized Services) and Kindergarten students are required to be accompanied or met at the bus stop by a responsible adult unless the parent completes a request for the Latch Key service.
Parents/Guardians requesting the Latch Key option assume all responsibility for the child before and after the bus leaves the stop location
Please complete if your child attends a daycare provider before/after school. Requests for Child Care stop locations for students with Special Needs (IEP Specialized Services) that require Transportation as a Related Service by their IEP may be approved at stops in addition to Board Approved Stops, if all other safety requirements are met. The bus must have available seats for students to be added for this purpose. No additional bus routes will be added to serve the requested stop locations. *** Stops requested must be within one-half mile from the current travel path of the bus.***
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